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Water chillers are devices used to lower the water temperature. They are used for cooling large spaces and production processes. They are extensively used for both household and industrial purposes.

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What Is a Water Chiller?

Water chillers are industrial machineries that play a significant role in regulating the temperature of the entire setup in an industrial production. Industrial chillers are used as coolants and they are heavily utilised in several business sectors such as the food processing industry, industrial machinery production, oil fields and many more.

Working Principle of a Chiller

Tank chillers work on the following principles :

  • Phase Change : This phase incorporates a simple mechanism of change of state of a substance from liquid to gas when heated and from gas back to liquid when supercooled.
  • Heat Flow : This phase involves the mechanism of "heat flow"or heat transfer from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration.

How Does a Chiller Work?

Usually a chiller board consists of four components - an evaporator, a condenser, a compressor and an expansion unit. Other than that, chillers also contain a refrigerant system.

The working of a water chiller occurs in the following way:

  • Initially, the refrigerant, which is at low pressure, enters the evaporator.
  • The refrigerant changes its phase within the evaporator and turns into a gaseous state which is then sent to the compressor.
  • Within the compressor, the pressure of the refrigerant increases. With the compressor itself, the refrigerant rejects the heat into a cooling water system and leaves the condenser chamber.
  • Releasing the heat reduces the pressure of the refrigerant. The refrigerant leaves the system and goes back to the initial chamber to continue the process of this "refrigeration cycle"
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